Sherlock Frostiron AU [1/?], in collaboration with the majestic its-like-some-kind-of-madness.
It had been another cloudy day in London when Lestrade had called Tony for a new case. A suicide, apparently, but they both knew better than that. In addition to the lack of any kind of evidence, something else seemed to be out of place. Apparently, a new professional forensic photographer had just been hired at Scotland Yard. To Tony’s eyes, Loki was just as beautiful as he was dangerous, those piercing green eyes as brilliant as the blood traces he would never have found on him, if he searched. Loki was just too good at it to leave any evidence. Determined to ignore the strong fascination he felt towards the green eyed man, Tony resolved himself to dismiss Lestrade and go on with his day: it was just another fake suicide, ochestrated by a man he knew too well. The Man. But he was already on that case and didn’t want Scotland Yard to be involved. It was a personal matter. Hovewer, Fate seemed to have other plans.

"You go with him." "Excuse me?" said Loki, eyebrows arched in surprise. "You heard me", repeated Lestrade, pointing to Holmes, who was now fleeing the crime scene, heading to the red Ferrari parked amongst the police cars. "Go with him". The expression of absolute disfelief painted on Lok’s face had Lestrade rolling his eyes. Had he not spoken English?"He obviously knows something he’s not telling me. You’re a clever man, figure out a way to make him talk" said the Inspector, pushing Loki’s shoulder to encourage him to follow Holmes. Taken aback, Loki let himself be pushed between agents and cars until he could see the infamous detective get on his Ferrari. With a frustrated sigh, he rushed toward the red vehicle. "You took your time" he heard a voice saying the second he closed the door behind himself. On the driver seat, Holmes was glancing at him sideways, with an amused expression on his face."So, where are we headed?"

Anyone up for Mafia AU ?

..I miss you. Come back…

Kiss by Jazz-4

College!AU. Loki gives no shit about stealing books from the restricted section of the library, and he doesn’t even hide what he reads every day. Tony has no idea why noone noticed it. Tony himself certainly noticed. You have to be blind not to see Loki’s books… and Loki’s gorgeus ass, goddammit.
(And I believe that Natasha paints walls and furniture with russian filthy language. ХУЙ! >D)
I have nothing to say, Aurrus. I am tired, I am stupid, romantic, complicated, demanding, young, a little bit fucked-up always doubting human being difficult to be one’s friend. And I want you to be happy. :) Be happy and have as much frostiron as you can dearrr >D

ALIEN SEX FRIEND \ listen here \ (a mix for the young agent of chaos and his genius-playboy-billionaire-philanthropist sugar daddy)

i. temptation waits - garbage \ ii. the great shipwreck of life - iamx \ iii. i’m hit - robots in disguise \ iv. supermassive black hole - muse \ v. hit and run - lana del rey \ vi. get down, make love - queen \ vii. lights on - the pierces \ viii. i bet you look good on the dance floor - arctic monkeys \ ix. necessary evil - debbie harry \ x. for your entertainment - adam lambert \ xi. national anthem - lana del rey \ xii. the sound of violence - cassius \ xiii. alien sex friend - garbage

(i would never break your heart. seven years bad luck!)

It is a tough thing to take a Hell-hound for a walk xD
Tony was a bit ambitious with volunteering for the task, but at least they have Loki to take those two badboyz home.
Thus we shall imprint this fabulous and slightly embarrassing for Tony moment as our AskTheIronFrost blog’s new header~ ^U^
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Last doodle, I swear! (Pardon the fugly bike, I can’t draw mechanical things Y-Y )

2 in the morning.
wanted to give Loki new hairdue…and i did

Tony just likes that stuff ,okay?